Monday, 24 November 2008

Sorry for the slight lapse, I've been working on a brief for the Eden Project, we (the three other guys on my course and I!) are designing a range of T-shirts for them, and hopefully coming up with some ideas on how to develop their brand. Very exciting stuff! As you can see on the website of my work from my BA (alas no website training on the course, so pretty crude -, I've already done some hypothetical work for them before, I love them!
I've begun emailing quilters from all around, trying to work out what is missing in the online quilt community, responses so far have been very useful. If anyone would like to email any images of squares or whole designs that mean something to them personally, or with any narrative, I would love to see them! You would be helping with my research for my project and of course I will put a link to your own blog/website in return. The sharing of ideas is so important in any creative field, and quilts are so pretty and nice to snuggle in, too.
Best wishes HB


Jude said...

Hello again,
try seems like an interesting site with interviews and historical info.

Jude said...

Also,, sorry, one of those days........
I've been interested in the idea that the Welsh (I am, indeed)
took quilting over and introduced it to the Amish ( who most people believe started quilting in US.) have some vintage quilts but they also advertise a book of the history which you may be able to order from the library. (say hi to Julian)

Improvedliving said...

well , thanks for sharing these wonderful sites on quilts.

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