Thursday, 20 November 2008


My name is Harriet Beesley and I am studying for a Masters in Graphic Design in Falmouth, England. I have been looking at the visual language of quilting and the communities formed by women, locally, nationally and internationally. I would love this to be a space for a quilt circle with people from all over the world with different experiences, a space for people to come together and share their knowledge and to collect designs that mean something to each of the members, to allow others to see things outside their normal pattern collections. We welcome all skill levels, this experiment is more about the patterns and their meanings than the act of sewing.
Come join our merry circle!


Jude said...

Hello Harriet
Thanks for the interest in my blog. If you look down the list of blogs I regularly read you will find people much more skilled at helping you out.
I hope you are enjoying Falmouth, I miss it alot.
Beesely,any relation to Julian, works in the Library, I believe?

Lynn said...

Sounds like an interesting idea. As a relatively new quilter (one year and 4 months old) I am interested in being a part of such a circle. You can see some of my work at and

hblikethepencil said...

Hi Jude, no, don't think Julian is any relation, I'm from Devon (Sidmouth) really, just down here for the Masters, but isn't just the perfect place to do that? I'm loving it. Did you used to live close?

hblikethepencil said...

Lynn - only a year? Your quilts are lovely! Feel free to email, I'd love to know more about your process.

Jude said...

Penryn, but did ceramics (3d design!!)at Falmouth in the mid 80's. At the site in Falmouth. Loved it. Raced gigs and the Falmouth Working boats.